We love good coffee and hope it shows in the coffee we serve. We are proud of our coffee and are fully committed to sourcing our coffee from a sustainable and ethical source. Our partners at Ozone coffee develop ongoing direct trade relationships with farmers at source and with brokers, paying a premium for the green coffee and creating life changing experiences for coffee growers. Ozone coffee regularly visit coffee farms to meet producers and cooperatives in order to better understand the complexities and challenges growers continually face. We have carefully selected our house blend TWO TREES to offer great flavour, aroma, body, acidity and sweetness. The green coffee is roasted on a classic 1975 PROBAT roaster constructed of thick, quality cast metal which provides excellent control, accuracy and consistency and ultimately bring out the flavours and characteristics of the coffee. This seasonal blend is developed using only fresh crop beans and roasted medium-light to showcase the natural flavours of the high quality beans used. As two trees blend is a seasonal blend it changes every 6 months in accordance with the harvest schedule, which is why you may notice very subtle changes in the coffee taste throughout the year. Our beans are roasted fresh every week and dispatched to the cafe by courier to ensure optimum freshness. We only grind our beans on demand using a Mazzer grinder resulting in a perfect extraction of coffee. In additional to our house blend, we often stock specialty lot coffee sourced from some of the most unique and renowned coffee growing regions of the world.

Prefer decaffeinated coffee?


We also offer a decaffeinated bean which is 100% chemical free and uses water from the coast mountains of British Columbia and proprietary caffeine-specific carbon re-generation technology.


Using water, the Swiss water process removes caffeine such that the beans are 99.9% caffeine free while maintaining the origin flavour, body and aroma characteristics.There are no nasty chemicals or solvents in our decaf coffee which are commonly found in many decaffeinated coffees thus undoing all the good in choosing a decaffeinated coffee.


Whilst a premium process  it ensures we are able to produce a  decaffeinated coffee that tastes as good as the fully loaded version!


We sell our beans for you to enjoy at home!


You can buy our coffee beans in the cafe to take home and enjoy, our 250g bags can also be ground in our deli grinder to suit your machine at home.



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Saturday 13thAugust at 2pm until Thursday 1st September where we re-open at 8:30am!

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